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Diagnosis of Varna. Detailed explanation

You need to undergo the diagnosis for three reasons:
The first: to hear and understand the clues of your Soul. This is called intuition. It is a huge advantage to properly understand your premonition.
Second: to realize — what power is holding back your potential and influence on the world around you. Knowing this, a person does not waste energy on unnecessary dreams and other people’s achievements.
Third: is to find out what motivates your character. This will enhance your inner lightness and aspirations. Will help to find your way and confidence.
Together these three causes, like the forces of the Soul, guide you through life. This is your unique destination or simply — the way of the Heart.

The basis of this technique is the vision of the causal body — the individual Soul of man.
Diagnosis of Varna includes:
1) the definition of Varna — the aspiration of the Spirit from birth, which never changes and is your essence;
2) the definition of Caste — the spiritual level that changes during a life and is an indicator of the evolution of your Spirit in your Varna;
3) the definition of force flows in the Hara — your in-depth Character, which changes during a life and is an indicator of the evolution of your Spirit in your Caste.

With the help of this technique, you will discover exactly:
1) what aspiration of the Spirit is inherent to your immortal Soul — for what purpose it is incarnated in this life;
2) at what spiritual level of development you are at the moment and how to raise it;
3) what power flows feed your deep Character and influence your efficiency in life.

To sign up for a diagnosis, please write to us a personal message on: margoletters@gmail.com or visit our homepage — http://chest.kiev.ua/.

Instruction: first send us your actual photos in several copies. They should not be modified in Photoshop or other graphic editors. You need to submit a front view photo from head to waist and a full-length photograph. Pictures should not be taken from below or above. Then your photos will be sent to Vitaly to determine indicators of the Soul. After that, in order to understand what the energy structure of a person is, it is important to watch the following video. After this procedure, you will contact Vitaly via Skype and he will talk with you about your energy structure. After all the explanations, you can ask your personal questions. Online diagnosis takes place in the form of a webinar (with translation) and lasts at least 2 hours.